Scottish Highlands Landscape and Habitat

Scottish Highlands Landscape and Habitat

The stunning landscapes and habitats of the Scottish Highlands have inspired literature, art and music for centuries and continue to attract visitors and nature lovers from around the world. The Highlands of Scotland are one of the largest untouched landscapes in Europe and are an ideal holiday destination for those that feel passionate about nature and wildlife. Some of the most iconic animals can still be found in the Highlands, like the stag, the wildcat, the red squirrel, the osprey and the golden eagle.

The Highlands, like other parts of Scotland, have their distinct character. They invite to adventures in the great outdoors like few other places. The mountains and moorlands with their heather covered purple and pink heaths and swampy bogs provide rich habitats for a great variety of plants and wildlife. The upland grassland supports many native grasses and wildflowers. The extreme environment and climate of the mountain heath supports many rare species, like the mountain burnett, the netted mountain moth and many mosses and lichens that are rarely seen anywhere else.

The many freshwater lochs, that can be found in great numbers across the region, together with rivers and ponds, springs and swamps and other wetland habitat, serve many vital functions and support an abundance of species. The coastline with its islands also provides a rich and varied habitat for seals, seabirds and other sea creatures. Coastal habitats include saline lagoons, salt marshes, cliffs and sand dunes.

The unspoilt scenery of the landscape has provided a suitable backdrop for films, tourism and the advertising of Scotch Whisky and other local goods.