The Best Time of the Year to Visit Farms in the Scottish Highlands

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Farms in the Scottish Highlands

You will surely fall in love with the Scottish Highlands if you happen to visit them. Picking the right time of year to visit the highlands is what you should be keen on. Every month has unique weather conditions which make trips there different at various times of the year. Here’s how to time your travel to Scottish highland farms for the best experience.


This is when spring begins in Scotland. This is a great period to visit farms when the activity starts in most of them. Temperatures begin to rise during this period, and there is more time to work in the day. Most of the areas in the Scottish Highlands receive rainfall during this period. Hilly areas still experience snow for the better part of the month.


This is undoubtedly the best time of the year to visit farms in Scotland. Everything on the farms at this time of year usually is bright. The month has more hours of sunshine than rainfall. Scotland experiences a temperature of about 10 degrees during this month. It is fantastic to wake up and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful colours of a farm in the Scottish Highlands.


This is when summer begins. June in Scotland has longer days than nights. The country also experiences warm weather conditions during the month. It is always great to visit farms and watch how harvesting is done. You might be lucky and taste berries and a sip of the locally produced beer. You may also make your trip more fun by taking walks and rides around the farms.


The Scottish Highlands are known to experience heavy rainfall. It is advisable to walk around with an umbrella during this month. The farms during this month are beautifully covered with green vegetation.