Wallpapers Taking Over In The Scottish Highlands

Wallpapers Taking Over In The Scottish Highlands

In my recent trip to the Scottish highlands, one thing caught my eye – the love for wallpaper. Wallpaper remained dominant in many of the farmhouses and establishments I visited. It got me thinking: why is wallpaper a favourite for many in the Scottish highlands?

1. Durability

Many love wallpaper because of its durability compared to paint. On average, quality wallpaper will last ten years; by then, you will have repainted your walls severally. If you consider the costs in the long term, you’d rather buy wallpaper, in as much as they may be expensive.

2. Availability

In the past, coming by wallpaper at the local store in the Scottish highlands was hard. But things have changed since then. Today, we have online stores such as https://www.wallpassion.co.uk/ that sell all kinds of wallpaper and deliver to areas in the Scottish highlands. These online shopping sites offer better prices than the local stores and generous discounts on online purchases.

3. Customisability

The biggest advantage of wallpaper is aesthetics. They bring themes and styles that recreate the laid-back Scottish highlands farming culture to life. Many of the wallpaper I came across had that agricultural theme synonymous with the Scottish highlands.

Indeed, wallpaper has advantages that are hard to resist. Besides the durability, availability and customisability, wallpaper is popular in the Scottish highlands because of how well it fixes wall imperfections of the old architecture in the region. This is perhaps one of the primary reasons for spurring wallpaper popularity in the Scottish highlands.