Life as a Female Farmer

Life as a Female Farmer

When most people think of farms in the Scottish Highlands, they probably picture dour old men stomping about the hillside in gloomy weather. But, of course, that is terribly outdated, and farming is a perfectly acceptable career for younger people and women, in particular, are becoming increasingly drawn to this way of life. Yes, the days can be long and tiring, but there’s plenty of room for enjoyment as well.

The Farming Social Life

In the Scottish Highlands, some farms are admittedly somewhat isolated. But that’s not to say that the farmers don’t have any kind of social life or the need for stylish going out dresses for an evening out. There are many opportunities to meet other farmers or local villagers, even if it’s just heading to a nearby pub. Scottish people are known for their love of music, and often there will be impromptu sing-alongs in the local bar.

Horticultural Shows

Another time when female farmers might need going out dresses is at a horticultural show, which are held year-round in the Scottish Highlands. There is often a competitive edge to these events, with the chance of winning prizes or rosettes for best-in-show animals, such as cattle or sheep. Obviously, women will relish the opportunity to show off in their going out dresses as they go to collect their awards from the judges.

Young Farmer’s Associations

Most regions will have young farmer’s associations, and the Scottish Highlands are no exception. This is a tradition that has been going on for decades. Typically, there will be a weekly or monthly meeting where all matters pertaining to farming will be discussed. But it’s not all business, there will be a flourishing social aspect to these clubs, and popular events such as quiz nights, a short holiday or traditional dancing will be organised. Many friendships and relationships have been founded on these occasions!

Don’t think that farming is a dull and dirty career involving early mornings and nothing but looking after animals. There are numerous opportunities to relax and unwind with other local farmers and discuss the day’s events.