Self-Care as a Scottish Farmer

Self-Care as a Scottish Farmer

Farming in the Scottish Highlands would appear to be a thankless task to most people. The long, cold days and isolation would not appeal to those who prefer their home comforts. Others will have a romantic view of the occupation, imagining the sheer beauty of the surroundings as the farmer battles majestically against the elements to tend to his animals. It can be a harsh life, and female farmers, in particular, often neglect their appearance.

Putting Yourself First

It can sometimes be tough to find time for yourself when working on a farm in the Scottish Highlands, but self-care is necessary for your overall well-being. Maybe it is time to take a realistic look in the mirror to find areas for improvement. If you are unhappy with your body shape, then you could consider a teardrop implant from Motiva for a natural-looking result. Maybe there will be occasions when you need to look more glamorous, not always hiding under outdoor clothing.

Planning for Recovery

Of course, you will be concerned as to how much recovery time you will need after your teardrop implant, as you can’t really leave your animals or crops unattended. Your Motiva surgeon will be happy to answer any questions, and you will be delighted to learn that recovery is a shorter process than you may have thought. Motiva uses cutting-edge technology that allows them to use non-invasive surgery for your teardrop implant with minimal scarring.

Back to Work

Once your surgery is actually over and you have fully recovered from your teardrop implant operation, you will no doubt be eager to return to working on the farm. You shouldn’t have any problems with the physical aspects of your job. Now you have made the first steps in self-care, continue to look after yourself. There is no shame in wanting to look nice, even if it’s for only a few hours at the end of a long day working outdoors or attending a traditional Scottish festival.

Self-care for Scottish farmers is a subject that’s often considered taboo, but you could be a leading light in showing others the benefits.